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The Heineken Experience


A visit to the former Heineken brewery is a must for beer lovers and brewing enthusiasts - it is more than just a museum, it’s an Experience! Learn about the history of the Heineken family who created this world famous brand, see how its logo has evolved, follow the brewing process from water through to bottling, and learn how to pour the perfect pint! See, hear, touch smell, taste and even become the beer, during this interactive self guided tour. Drive a virtual dray horse through Amsterdam, follow a Heineken bottle through its life’s journey, see Heineken commercials from around the world, play some pub games and be recorded singing a Dutch drinking song! Feel like a beer? You will do after being filtered (sprayed with water) pasteurised (blasted with heat) rattled along the production line and capped! The tour takes around 1.5hrs and includes 2 free tasting samples - go early to avoid the crowds. You can also brew your own beer to take home in a personalised bottle. Proost!

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A visit to the old Heineken brewery is paramount to brew-worshipers and beer lovers.