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San Francisco Dungeon Tickets and Prices


The San Francisco Dungeon is a guided tour of San Francisco’s creepy past starting with the Gold Rush and ending in 1907. Seven cities in Europe feature “Dungeons,” and San Francisco is host to the first one in the United States, possibly because of its shady history.

Live actors bring a Broadway-esque level of enthusiasm to their performances as they take you through the dungeon experience which lasts about 50 minutes. You will be taken through various rooms, through spooky hallways, into a sexy saloon and onto an actual underground mechanical boat ride that is meant to simulate being “Shanghai’d.”

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The San Francisco Dungeon is NOT your usual visitor attraction! This is an exciting mix of 9 live actor shows, 200 years of history, 360° sets, 1 dark boat ride and authentic storytelling. Being scared has never been more fun. San Francisco is the perfect venue; filled with history, intrigue and colorful characters.