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Faunia Animal Park


Faunia is an exciting concept in animal park experience. Just 10 minutes away from the city centre of Madrid but you will feel like you are on another continent.

Your visit to Faunia will take you on an impressive journey, through the amazing eco systems on the planet. The African forest, Crocodile Swamp,Amazon Jungle and the Antartic Polar eco system. With fantastic animal shows and exhibitions to enjoy, you will have great fun as you come into direct contact with some amazing species. Some of the most incredible and exotic species that you would never expect to meet in Madrid! In Faunia you will find a nursery school for Kimono dragons, the first of its kind, where this endangered species can be taken care of and bred. The school has 2 indoor rooms and an outdoor garden area. here you can meet Sissa and Wera who can reach 3 metres of length and 70 kilos of weight when they are fully grown adults.With spectacular shows, particularly the famous Birds of Prey Show, and all of the wonderful animals for you to see, including, of course the Pandas, Faunia is a fantastic place to visit whilst in Madrid.